First time buyer mortgages are not what they were! As UK property prices have risen, first time home buyers have found harder and harder to get onto the first rung of the property ladder. Gone are the days when a first time buyer could simply multiply an annual salary by two-and-a-half and see what first time buyer mortgage that would secure him! Finding out what your first mortgage will be and how much it will cost, is an important factor in seeing if you can afford your first property. According to the council of mortgage Lenders, the average first-time buyer is likely to be around 29 years-old and take out a mortgage of around £114,000. This is a hefty financial commitment but with a strong property market, it is a case of now or never for many first-time buyers. The first piece of advice it to be realistic about just how much you have to spend and take into account rising interest rates. Buying new build for first-time buyer is a sensible option. Developers have a whole host of ways in which they can make home ownership that bit easier and you should look out for special deals. Unlike second hand homes, there will be no nasty financial surprises once you have moved in. As anyone who has ever renovated a property will tell you, the costs keep rising and the initial projected build costs are very rarely kept to.


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Mortgages Buying a home is an expensive undertaking, and unless you are very fortunate you will require help in raising the money needed to make the purchase. This is what residential mortgages are for, they are in effect secured loans that use the value in the property that you are buying as the collateral to success the loaned amount against. We offer a mortgage finding service that will find the right mortgage for you, we do all the searching, and all you need to do is complete a simple form which is in our online application service.

Re- Mortgages Because of the huge choice of mortgages available on the market today lenders have been forced because to become more competitive. This means that one of the best ways to raise cash and save hundreds, or even thousands, of pounds a year is to re mortgage your property.

Self Employed Everyday we help self Employed clients get the best possible Mortgage and insurance deals on offer, in any of our clients respond by kindly proving their thoughts on our services.

Buy to Let Many high street banks and building societies now offer a buy to let mortgage product. Independent mortgage broker will also be able to recommend mortgage arrangements which are not available on the high street and which will more perfectly meet your buy to let mortgage.

Right to Buy You may quality for a discount of between £16,000 - £38,000 dependant on your Local Authority. Your rebate may also vary based on how many years you have been a tenant and the value of your property.

Islamic Mortgages Islamic Mortgages allows you to view a range of Islamic finance and mortgage products, provided by same of the leading Islamic finance institutions in the UK. We make sure that all our information is up to date, provided in an easy to understand language; whilst at the same time making the whole process of direct enquiry to the Lender/Bank as simple and easy to manage as possible. We currently work with the following companies.



  • life assurance - a guarantee that allows outstanding repayments to be fully paid off in the event of death. Dependants will not have the mortgage passed on to them
  • Term life insurance - this covers the holder for a set period of time, often with premiums increasing over the course of the term.
  • Mortgage payment protection - usually covers disability and unemployment for a set of days
  • Accident, sickness, unemployment cover - similar to payment protection, but with specific accident and sickness cover.
  • Building and contents insurance - though not strictly mortgage protection, you will want to protect the properly asset in which you have invested against damage or theft
  • Income protection - this cover helps you maintain a monthly income in the event of accidental injury of sickness.


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Estate Agency

PROPERTIES: Residential Sales, residential lettings, property management, new developments.
Globe Estates are seeking properties to let in and around London for awaiting professional tenants.

They provide Full Home Information Packs

What is a home information pack?
A Home Information Pack (or HIP) is a collection of documents providing important information about a property being offered for sale. This is include information such as the energy efficiency of the property, information held by the Local Authority that may concern the property such as planning or development issues and details concerning the legal ownership of the property.

Why have they been introduced?
HIPs are being introduced as Government research suggests that £350 million is wasted by consumers every year as a result of aborted housing transaction both buyers and sellers will be more informed.

This should mean that fewer transactions fail due to problems coming to light after as offer has been accepted, reducing abortive sales and speeding up the process. Additionally, HIPs meet the Government's requirement to provide energy performance ratings on domestic properties.

How much does it cost?
Our variable "spot" price will currently be from £275 + VAT.
The "spot" price can fluctuate depending on our capacity so may be more or less than the prices displayed below.
Hunter & Fox also have there own Chartered Surveyors.

Accountancy services


We can take away the burden of accountancy for a very low fee. Our fee is arranged in advance and covers all your accounting needs, so there are no hidden costs and no worry.


Building & Construction

Extensions-Alterations-Roofing-Brickwork-Delivery-Design and Planning-Listed Building Specialists.




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